Adolf Hitler
Real Name Adolf Hitler
Alternate Identity Uncle Adolf
Team Affiliations Nazi
Allies Red Skull

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party during World War II.

Little is known about Hitler and his actions. He ruled Germany and started the war. His soldiers were known for their "goose-stepping." His forces took over and occupied the nation of France. Red Skull was a fellow Nazi.

Those who fought him, such as the Canadian Logan, sometimes used the nickname "Uncle Adolf" in a derogatory way.

During 1944, Hitler sent additional men to Paris, France to guard the city when he controlled it.

He was eventually stopped when the war ended.


Hitler was unseen and thus unvoiced. Additionally, he was only called "Uncle Adolf."

In the ComicsEdit

Captain America was introduced by punching him in the face.

Human Torch killed him.

Was cloned and became the villain Hate-Monger.

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