Real Name Aki
Powers and Abilities Telekinesis
Allies Iron Man
Nagato Sakurai
Aki is from the Marvel Anime Universe series Marvel Anime: Iron Man.

Aki was a telekinetic girl who became involved with the Zodiac.


Physical Therapy
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At one point, Aki's parents were killed in an airplane that was hijacked before it exploded. A year and a half later she was adopted by a strange group.

Six months later, Aki escaped from the Zodiac and found Iron Man. She showed him her abilities. Tony then became worried that the Zodiac had sent her.

Tony took her to his home and she then cleaned up while he was away. However, she shredded some important documents, wrecked his lab, and strained his relationship with Chika. When Tony found out, Aki sent him into a wall.

Nanami researched into Aki's past and found her history.

Tony found Aki at a soccer field. She told him that her powers went out of control causing the plane to crash. That night Nagato Sakurai came to take both of them into custody. Tony wondered if Sakurai had inquired into Aki's past but was then tasered.

While in custody, Sakurai told Tony that Aki could manipulate the iron in a person's body. He went onto say that the Zodiac planned to use her abilities for their own purposes.

Their van was then attacked by the Zodiac member Virgo. Tony got Aki to a lab after borrowing a passing car. Tony donned the Iron Man Armor and went to fight Virgo.

Chika then discovered that a flashdrive was synchronized with Aki's brainwaves. She feared that destroying the drive would kill Aki.

Aki went to help Iron Man by using her powers to block Virgo. Meanwhile, Sakurai donned the Ramon Zero Armor to also help. However, Virgo brought Aki into it. Iron Man broke through Virgo's shields and rescued her.

Aki then lost her powers and memories. She became happy and was able to play soccer like a normal girl.


Aki was voiced by Marina Inoue in the Japanese dub and Laura Bailey in the English dub.

Aki is an original character to the series.