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Tony Stark with an alcoholic beverage in his hand

Alcohol is a type of beverage. It can come in a variety of different beverages. It is usually consumed during recreational periods such as celebrations and dates.

There are four kinds of alcoholic beverages.

  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Mead

Tony Stark has a fondness for spirits and could usually be seen drinking one. Mead is a popular drink among the Asgardians and Thor.

Iron Man Drinks UA

Addictive properties

Alcohol does have its drawbacks since it can be addictive. Some people use it to help them overcome troublesome times. If consumed too much, alcohol drinking can lead to serious problems. Tony Stark was known for drinking when feeling down after a defeat. While Tony's love of alcohol did not appear to develop into a full-blown problem, it easily could at some point.


In the comics, Iron Man is well known for being a former alcoholic. This continued into the Ultimate comic line. At one point Ultimate Tony Stark did say that he would not get into the Iron Man armor sober.

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