Alexi Shostakov
Real Name Alexi Shostakov
Team Affiliations Soviet Union
Family and Friends Black Widow (Wife)

Alexi Shostakov is an A.I.M. scientist and Black Widow's husband.


Alexi talked to his wife about the evils of Communism, the futility of war, and HYDRA's power to end both in Russia. When he decided to devote his genius to HYDRA, his wife served beside him until the day she was told Alexi had been killed by agents of the KGB.

When Hawkeye and Black Widow stopped Whirlwind together, she found an inertial field generator on Whirlwind and recognized Alexi's handiwork. As it was A.I.M. technology, Black Widow tracked an A.I.M. facility in Northern Canada, but was captured when sending a message to the Avengers. Hawkeye went to help her accompanied by Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Vision.

Hawkeye found Black Widow safe and sound kissing Alexi, now an A.I.M. scientist. When the Avengers attacked the facility, Black Widow and Alexi escaped followed by Hawkeye. Black Widow then explained her history with Alexi, who she believed dead until she recognized his handiwork in Whirlwind's device. Black Widow wanted to take Alexi away from A.I.M. and Hawkeye let her go, later telling Vision that she was never there.


Red Guardian was exclusive to the The Avengers: United They Stand tie-in comic. None of the currently eight versions have appeared outside comics, though have been mentioned.

In the ComicsEdit

Fought in World War II for the Soviet Union as a pilot.

Alexei was chosen to be the second Red Guardian, Russia's answer to Captain America. His death was faked during his "training" to be the first cosmonaut then trained in secret. Even his wife did not know he was alive. He was given a throwing disc similar to Captain America's Shield.

His "death" was one of the things that eventually prompted Black Widow into defecting to the United States of America.

He was protecting some Chinese allies when he fought the Avengers, which his wife had joined. She recognized him and he revealed himself to her. However, his Chinese ally betrayed and killed him.

A Life Model Decoy of him was used to fight Black Widow.

He was later revealed to be alive and tried to capture his wife to put her on trial. With the help of the Avengers and Daredevil she got away.

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