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Alisha Silvermane
Alisha Holds Baby Silvermane
Real Name Alisha Silvermane
Alternate Identity Alisha Silvers
Allies Hammerhead
Alistair Smythe
Family and Friends Silvermane (Father)
Peter Parker (Boyfriend)

Alisha Silvermane is the daughter of crime lord Silvermane. She went under the name Alisha Silvers to protect her identity.


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She briefly dated Peter Parker and worked as Dr. Curt Connors' assistant.

She hired Tombstone to steal the Tablet of Time to help her father. However, it worked too well and he was turned into a baby.

She later got Alistair Smythe to switch bodies between her father and Spider-Man. However, Vulture got ahold of Silvermane and turned him into an old man again.

She and her elderly father were not seen again.


Alisha Silvermane was voiced by Leigh Baker Bailey.

She was an original character to the series.

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