Amanda Sefton
Real Name Amanda Sefton
Alternate Identity Jimaine Szardos
Family and Friends Nightcrawler

Amanda Sefton is someone involved with the life of the mutant Nightcrawler while he was in the circus.


Her appearance was a non-speaking cameo where she was not actually named.

First appearance of the character. She would play a larger part in X-Men: Evolution as would Nightcrawler.

In the ComicsEdit

Her real name is Jimaine Szardos. She has also gone by the names Daytripper and is the second Magik, after Illyana Rasputin.

Her and her mother, Margali, are witches.

Has joined the X-Men.

In addition to being lovers, Nightcrawler is her adoptive brother.

Her mother attacked the X-Men believing that Nightcrawler killed her son, and Amanda/Jimaine's brother. Amanda had already been dating Kurt and convinced her mother to let him live.

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