Real Name Anti-Venom
Alternate Identity Harry Osborn
Anti-Venom Symbiote
Powers and Abilities Same as Venom
Toxic to Venom and Carnage
Family and Friends Doctor Octopus (Co-Creator)
Michael Morbius (Co-Creator)
Anti-Venom is from the Marvel Animated Universe series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Anti-Venom is a persona created by the combination of Harry Osborn and Anti-Venom Symbiote.


Doctor Octopus and Michael Morbius created the new symbiote from the Venom Symbiote but made it toxic to the original. It got free and bonded with Harry Osborn. He attacked Spider-Man and the current Venom Flash Thompson. The two then had to ally themselves with Iron Patriot to stop him and free Harry.


Anti-Venom is voiced by Matt Lanter.

First version of Anti-Venom in animation.

In the ComicsEdit

Anti-Venom was formed from trace amounts of the Venom symbiote in Eddie Brock's body after the two separated.

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