Ape (X-Men)
Alternate Identity Ape
Powers and Abilities Shapeshifting
Team Affiliations Morlocks
Allies X-Men
For the animal, see Ape (Animal).

Ape is a mutant and member of the Morlocks.


Because of his physical deformity preventing him from being disguised as a normal human, he moved underground to live with the other similar mutants.

He was part of the group that kidnapped Scott Summers and Jean Grey so their leader Callisto could marry Scott. However, the X-Men arrived and Storm defeated Callisto becoming their new leader.

On Christmas Eve, Leech became ill and he and Annalee steal an ambulance for medical supplies. Storm, Logan, and Jubilee go with them into the sewers and help save Leech.


Ape was voiced by Ross Petty.

First, and currently only, version of the character outside the comics.

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