April Strange
Real Name April Strange
Family and Friends Stephen Strange (Brother)
April Strange is from the Non MAU video Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme.

April Strange is the deceased sister of Stephen.


Little is known about the life of April.

At some point, she developed a brain tumor. Her brother Stephen became a surgeon to help her after numerous doctors would not. He eventually became a doctor and operated on April. Unfortunately, she died on his operating table.

Afterwards he became selfish and egotistical, only taking on impossible cases so that if he failed he would not be blamed. Eventually he was in a car accident losing the use of his hands. He was recruited as a sorcerer. The Ancient One eventually made Stephen relive his time at April's operation and showed that he was not to blame for her death as she would have died anyways.


April was voiced by Tara Strong.

The first version of the character outside the comics.

For reasons unknown, her first name was changed to April.

In the ComicsEdit

Her name is Donna.

She died when she had a cramp while swimming and drowned. She was seventeen.

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