Arnold Schwarzenegger
Real Name Arnold Schwarzenegger
Family and Friends Lou Ferrigno

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a world famous film actor. He is known for his large muscles and witty one-liners.

He has a friendly rivalry with fellow body builder Lou Ferrigno. He was the title character in the film The Terminator.

Benjamin Grimm, who has enhanced superhuman strength, was a fan of Schwarzenegger. When he heard that Reed Richards wanted to speak to them, actually it was to speak to President Bill Clinton, Ben joked that it was actually so that Schwarzenegger could hire him for his next film.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a real life figure.

Schwarzenegger was not seen nor voiced. He was also only called Schwarzenegger.

While the actual man was the star of The Terminator, no connection was made in any series. The same with his rivalry with Ferrigno.

Marvel Comics has a figure based on the man named Arnold Schwarzburger, who played the villain of an Avengers film that was written by Janet van Dyne.

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