Real Name Sean Cassidy
Alternate Identity Banshee
Powers and Abilities Sonic Scream
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Moira MacTaggert (Lover)
Black Tom Cassidy (Brother)

Sean Cassidy, also known as Banshee, is an Irish mutant and lover to Moira MacTaggert.


Physical Therapy
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Sean grew up with his brother Tom, but the two were rivals. Since both were mutants, they were each immune to each other's powers.

Sean eventually grew up and met Moira MacTaggert. He moved to Muir Island where the two researched genetic mutation. While there, he met Moira's former boyfriend Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men.

He helped the X-Men several times such as rescuing Lilandra from Black Tom and Juggernaut, as well as assisting Beast, Mister Sinister, and Forge against the Phalanx.

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Banshee was voiced by Jeremy Ratchford.

In the ComicsEdit

Has joined the X-Men, even leading the team and being an instructor.

Has a daughter with similar powers. Black Tom took her when she was a baby and raised her to hate Banshee. She eventually turned around and joined the X-Men with her father.

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