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Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay
Big Hero 6 Battle in the Bay
Tie-In Series Big Hero 6
Release Date(s) October 28, 2014
Developer(s) 1st Playable Productions
Publisher(s) GameMill Entertainment
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay is a video game tie-in to the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Big Hero 6 developed by 1st Playable Productions and published by GameMill Entertainment. It was released on the Nintendo 3DS.


The game takes place after the events of the film. Big Hero 6 continue their quest to save San Fransokyo from an invasion of Battlebots.


BH6 Battle Bay Hiro Screenshot

Players interact with each member of the team. Fredzilla has over-the-top power. GoGo Tomago is a specialist in speed. Wasabi-No-Ginger has fast-paced combat skills. Hiro Hamada is skilled at platforming.


The game uses the top screen for the gameplay and bottom screen for stats and controls.

It can be viewed in 3D.


The game was initially announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 10th, 2014.

The game was rated E10+ by the ESRB.

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