Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 Soundtrack
Composer(s) Henry Jackman
Record Label Walt Disney Records
Number of Tracks 20
Release Date November 4, 2014 (Digital)
November 24, 2014 (CD & Vinyl)

The Big Hero 6 soundtrack is the musical score to the film Big Hero 6. It is composed by Henry Jackman, a veteran composer for The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios, and was produced by Walt Disney Records.

The album contains the song Immortals, which was composed specifically for the film by Fall Out Boy.


Immortals was released on October 14th, 2014 as a single.

The album will be released digitally on November 4th, 2014 while physical copies will be available November 24th on CD. A 7" vinyl will be released containing the song Immortals.

A bundle is available to pre-order the soundtrack that includes the CD, vinyl, and poster.


Track # Title Composer Length
1 Immortals Fall Out Boy 3:13
2 Hiro Hamada Henry Jackman 1:57
3 Nerd School Henry Jackman 2:12
4 Microbots Henry Jackman 1:46
5 Tadashi Henry Jackman 1:46
6 Inflatable Friend Henry Jackman 1:56
7 Huggable Detective Henry Jackman 1:35
8 The Masked Man Henry Jackman 1:29
9 One of the Family Henry Jackman 1:49
10 Upgrades Henry Jackman 2:27
11 The Streets of San Fransokyo Henry Jackman 4:08
12 To the Manor Born Henry Jackman 1:15
13 So Much More Henry Jackman 3:01
14 First Flight Henry Jackman 2:35
15 Silent Sparrow Henry Jackman 4:39
16 Family Reunion Henry Jackman 2:39
17 Big Hero 6 Henry Jackman 6:57
18 I Am Satisfied With My Care Henry Jackman 5:29
19 Signs of Life Henry Jackman 1:14
20 Reboot Henry Jackman 1:48

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