Real Name Bigfoot
Alternate Identity Sasquatch
Bigfoot is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Pacific Northwest of America.


Physical Therapy
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The history of the Bigfoot legend is unknown.

The legend became well known enough that people would come to the area looking to find proof of Bigfoot.

Once, Beast took several young members of the X-Men to the Pacific Northwest on a camping trip. However, hunters in the area looking for Bigfoot thought Hank was the creature due to his monstrous appearance. They captured him but the other X-Men freed him while scaring off the hunters.


In the ComicsEdit

There is a character named Sasquatch. Much like Hank, he is an intelligent doctor who turned himself into a large hairy creature. He once worked with Wolverine on Alpha Flight.

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