Billy Connors
Billy Connors
Real Name Billy Connors
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Curt Connors (Father)
Martha Connors (Mother)

Billy Connors is the son of Curt and Martha Connors.


Billy was young when his father came home transforming into Lizard. Later, Lizard came to their home and Spider-Man fought him. Billy called out to stop the hero from hurting his father. Lizard then kidnapped his mother and Billy was left alone. Spider-Man assured him he would save his parents. He was true to his word and Billy's parents came home fine.

Eddie Brock brought J. Jonah Jameson over to their house to try to prove Curt was the Lizard but his father was fine.

Curt continued to help Spider-Man. While he occasionally turned into the Lizard, he always returned to normal.


Billy was voiced by Toby Scott Ganger.

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