Real Name Bishop
Powers and Abilities Energy Absorption and Redirection
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Shard (Sister)

Bishop is a mutant from the future of New York in 2055 AD. He became a time traveller in order to make his present a better place.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bishop's mutant power is that he can absorb energy from any substance and fire it back through his hands.


He has a sister called Shard.

Alternate VersionsEdit

In an alternate timeline, Bishop stopped Apocalypse but the virus was not cured by Wolverine because Cable did not go back in time yet. This meant that the human race did not develop necessary antibodies and other various diseases killed off much of the population. This timeline was erased when Cable travelled back and used Wolverine to cure the virus.


Bishop was voiced by Philip Akin.

First adapted version of the character.

Replaced Kitty Pryde as the one who traveled back in time to stop the assassination.

In the ComicsEdit

His full name is Lucas Bishop

Is a member of a group called the Xavier Security Enforcers.

Was following Trevor Fitzroy when he first went into the past.

Eventually stopped time traveling and joined the X-Men.

Also joined the New York City Police Department.

External LinksEdit

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