Black Bolt
Black Bolt
Alternate Identity Black Bolt
Powers and Abilities Extremely Powerful Voice
Team Affiliations Inhumans
Allies Fantastic Four
Family and Friends Medusa (Wife)
Maximus (Brother)

Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans.


Physical Therapy
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Black Bolt was born with a devastating power, any word he speaks causes catastrophic damage. He learned to communicate through other means.

At some point he fell in love with Medusa and married her. However, she eventually left and lost her memory. He sent Gorgon to find her.

She eventually got her memory back but led the Fantastic Four to the Great Refuge. The team assisted the Inhumans in battling Black Bolt's brother Maximus. However, Maximus trapped the Inhumans inside an impenetrable dome.

Over the coming months, each of the Inhumans tried their best but was unable to breach the dome. With their air supply running low, Black Bolt decided to use his voice to break the dome. It worked, but destroyed the Great Refuge in the process.

They eventually decided to rebuild somewhere else.


Black Bolt has no credited voice actor.

In the ComicsEdit

His full name is Blackagar Boltagon.

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