Black Knight
Black Knight
Real Name Nathan Garrett
Alternate Identity Black Knight

Nathan Garrett, also known as Black Knight, is villain.


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Black Knight stole a device called the Ultimate Amplifier from A.I.M. and he intended to go to Latveria to sell it to Doctor Doom. Some time later, he was sighted by S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Transian village of Kevannsk, along the Latverian border, so the Avengers went undercover to Kevannsk to investigate, but Garrett recognized Ant-Man and tried to escape. During the pursuit, the Avengers and Black Knight entered Latverian airspace and were captured by Doom's robots. Once brought to Doom, Black Knight tried to sell him the Ultimate Amplifier, but Doom crushed it and revealed he had developed the same technology one year ago, then gave him and the Avengers the death penalty for trespassing, to be executed the following day.

While they were locked awaiting their execution, Redwing arrived distracting the guards enoigh to allow Black Knight and Hawkeye to knock them out. Then Hawkeye threw a pen to the unlock button. After being freed Black Knight helped the Avengers to free Ant-Man, who Doom had taken apart to the others. After leaving Latveria, Ant-Man reminded Garrett they were still taking him to jail.


While this version is Nathan Garrett, he wears a costume more similar to that donned by Dane Withman.

In the ComicsEdit

Was a founding member of the Masters of Evil.

After his death, he was replaced by his nephew Dane Withman, who joined the Avengers.

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