Alternate Identity Boomerang
Team Affiliations Masters of Evil

Boomerang is a member of the Masters of Evil.


Boomerang joined the Masters of Evil and fought the Avengers who had teamed with Captain America.

Boomerang was Hawkeye's rival in battle, until Ant-Man used the tactic of switching opponents and Boomerang was defeated by Falcon.


Boomerang was voiced by Rob Cowan.

Currently, this is the only version outside the comics.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is Frederick Myers.

He is most often an enemy of Spider-Man. He has also fought Hulk, the Defenders, S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, and Silver Sable.

He tried to kill Spider-Man to impress Kingpin.

He helped Punisher escape from prison.

He was hired by Justin Hammer.

He tried to cash in on a bounty on Matt Murdock.

He worked for Owl.

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