Cannonball XME
Real Name Sam Guthrie
Alternate Identity Cannonball
Powers and Abilities Jet-Like Propulsion, Near Unstoppability
Team Affiliations New Mutants
Allies Morlocks
Cannonball is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Sam Guthrie, also known by the codename Cannonball, is a mutant and one of the New Mutants, a subgroup of the X-Men.


Physical Therapy
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Sam is a boy from the Southern region of the United States. He has the power of supersonic flight. He is a typical "country boy" and is often quite clumsy. In addition to his powers, he is also a skilled motocross racer and almost beat Wolverine. He seems to have a relationship with Magma.

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Cannonball was voiced by Bill Switzer.

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