Carly Anne Crocker
Real Name Carly Anne Crocker
Family and Friends Beast (Love Interest)

Carly Anne Crocker was a blind woman and daughter of a man who hated mutants.


She was being treated by mutant Hank McCoy, better known as the X-Man Beast, who was developing a process to make her see. Carly and Hank eventually grew romantically attached. She claimed she could tell him from his aftershave, though who knows why the fur covered Beast would wear aftershave. However, her father wanted Hank to stay away from her. Hank eventually cured her eyesight but was immediately captured by the Friends of Humanity. Beast and Logan freed her. It is unknown if she and Hank continued any relationship afterwards.


Carly was created specifically for the show.

Carly was named after the daughter of a friend of Julia and Eric Lewald, who was two years-old at the time.

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