Deadpool Holds Chimichanga CMCG
Real Name Chimichanga
Team Affiliations Deadpool's Chimichangas
Allies Jalapeno
Chimichanga is from the Funko Universe short Chimichangas.

A chimichanga is a burrito-like food. It contains various foods that is wrapped in a tortilla.

Deadpool makes chimichangas out of his food truck that is appropriately named Deadpool's Chimichangas. He makes his with jalapenos, sour cream, and cheese. He also makes them very spicy. According to the menu, the various chimichangas he serves include Hot Chimichanga, Cold Chimichanga, Wide Chimichanga, Super Hot Chimichanga, Loud Chimichanga, Sharp Chimichanga, and 4th Wall Chimichanga. He lists his side dishes as Sour Wolverine, Slice, Stab, and More Chimichangas.

Venom Takes Chimichanga CMCG

While fighting Venom, Deadpool had a chimichanga on him. He pulled it out and Venom grabbed it to eat. However, it was too spicy for Venom and he began to burp and hiccup, releasing fire each time he did.


The video does contain one glaring error, in reality chimichangas are deep fried burritos. The one seen in the short is more like a wrap as, unlike even a burrito, it is open on top and bottom.

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