Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Chip
Powers and Abilities Computer Expert
Allies Punisher

The man known only as Chip is a computer expert and partner to the vigilante Punisher.


Chip's history is unknown. At some point he came across Frank Castle and the two decided to team up to take down criminals. He most likely takes his name from a microchip.

He suggests weapons for Punisher, provides information, and sometimes controls the Battle Van.

When news reports claimed that Spider-Man was attacking people around Empire State University, Chip talked Punisher into capturing the webhead. His reasoning being that it would help Punisher seem like a hero instead of the villain the media portrayed him as. Spider-Man eventually changed into Man Spider and captured Punisher, who was saved by Kraven the Hunter.

The two returned to New York City to stop Green Goblin and found that he was Harry Osborn.


Chip was voiced by Robert Axelrod.

First version to be voiced. Currently the only animated version of the character.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is David Lieberman.

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