Christmas Shopping
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Christmas shopping is shopping specifically to buy gifts for Christmas. Typically stores are more crowded which can lead to stressful situations.


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style

When Logan wanted to leave because of all the good cheer, Jubilee convinced him to join her and Ororo Munroe to go Christmas shopping. Jubilee ended up buying more than she should have. A saleslady sprayed Musk of the Wild onto Logan despite his protests prompting him to leave immediately.

However, while ice skating the trio soon learned from the Morlocks Ape and Annalee that their friend Morlock Leech was sick and in need of medical attention. While helping him, Jubilee met Mariana and learned that the Morlocks had nothing. She decided to give up all her gifts so the sewer dwelling Morlocks could have something nice.

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