Adam Warlock Cocoon BNS
Real Name Cocoon
Allies Adam Warlock
Cocoon is from the Funko Universe video Bait 'n' Switch.

A cocoon is a casing produced by a creature as it undergoes physical change.

Butterflies produce a cocoon as they transform. Adam Warlock also makes a cocoon around himself at various times.

Once while Warlock was in his cocoon, Collector captured him and put him in one of his cells. It was located in sight of a butterfly and Groot and was in a room with a praying mantis, jellyfish, and numerous other creatures.


The cocoon was not named.

The cocoon is based on the one seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. That film's director confirmed it contains Adam Warlock though neither the film itself nor Bait 'n' Switch confirms it belongs to Warlock.

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