Code: Blue
Bulldozer Smashes Car AEMH
Real Name Code: Blue
Alternate Identity Supervillain Attack
Team Affiliations New York Police Department
Code: Blue is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In the emergency response field, a Code: Blue is a term meaning an attack by a supervillain.

The New York Police Department and paramedic Jane Foster responded to a Code: Blue on a dock in New York Harbor. The police arrived first but were overwhelmed by the Wrecking Crew. Jane and her partner arrived to tend to the officers, though the partner became too scared to leave the ambulance. Thunderball intended to use the Gamma Energy Emitter stolen from Stark Industries to kill her, but was stopped by Thor and Mjolnir. The situation ended when Thor defeated the Wrecking crew and left to Asgard. Presumably, Jane tended to the officers while others came to take the Wrecking Crew away.

Though unspecified it is likely that every attack by a supervillain results in a Code: Blue.


While each hospital and other emergency response group has their own codes, a Code Blue typically means a patient has gone into cardiac arrest. Other meanings include an adult medical emergency, bomb threats, tornado warning (meaning to take patients into the interior corridors and seek shelter), and a patient is so critically injured that to stop for evaluation could be fatal.

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