Cube BNS
Real Name Cube
Family and Friends Jack-in-the-Box
Cube is from the Funko Universe video Bait 'n' Switch.

A cube is a six-sided three-dimensional object.

A Jack-in-the-Box is a toy usually hidden as a cube. One side of the cube opens up and a small doll on a spring pops up.

Collector Room BNS

Collector kept living creatures in numerous cubes in his hideout.

When trying to rescue Groot, Rocket Raccoon had a shiny gold Jack-in-the-Box with a Star-Lord doll inside on him. When he needed a distraction, he presented the toy to Collector as if it contained something valuable. The ruse worked and Rocket was able to distract Collector long enough to rescue Groot. Collector thought it contained something valuable until he found it was a simple Jack-in-the-Box.


The cube was not named.

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