Dazzler WXM
Real Name Alison Blaire
Alternate Identity Dazzler
Powers and Abilities Transforms Sound into Bolts of Light
Allies Feral

Alison Blaire, also known as Dazzler, is a mutant.


Physical Therapy
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Tired of persecution, Alison chartered a boat to the mutant haven of Genosha. However, along the way they were attacked by Spiral and the Reavers and she was among those captured for use of her powers. The X-Man Nightcrawler saved them.

They eventually made their way to Genosha. To celebrate, Alison performed a concert for the island nation.

Alternate VersionEdit

Dazzler Synch Monet Die DOFP WXM

In one possible future, Dazzler was killed when Phoenix-possessed Stepford Cuckoos attacked the nation. She was with Synch and M when she died. Her death was remembered by Polaris.


Dazzler had no lines.

In the ComicsEdit

Has been a member of the X-Men.

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