Deadpool MAXM
Real Name Wade Wilson
Alternate Identity Deadpool
Team Affiliations X-Men
Deadpool is from the Marvel Anime Universe series Marvel Anime: X-Men.

Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, is a member of the X-Men.


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The history of Deadpool is unknown. At some point he joined the X-Men.

Deadpool Nightcrawler MAXM

He was with Nightcrawler when Professor Charles Xavier sent out a telepathic call to protect people from the Dark Phoenix.

The two X-Men helped along with Angel, Rogue, Colossus, Captain Britain, and Iron Man.

After the battle, Deadpool and Nightcrawler were thanked by the individuals they had saved.


Deadpool's appearance was a brief cameo and he did not speak.

Only adapted version to feature him on the X-Men.

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Is crazy and aware of his existence as a fictional character.

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