Death IIM
Real Name Death
Powers and Abilities Embodiment of the End of Life
Team Affiliations Deities of Death
Allies Mandarin
Demon Elementals
Death is from the Non MAU video The Invincible Iron Man.

Death is a member of the Deities of Death along with Dormammu, Hela, Mephisto, and Pluto. Death and the other deities came across the Mandarin of China who wanted to live forever. To help him, the deities gave him the Demon Elementals and the Bands of the Underworld in exchange for the souls of all in his kingdom. Mandarin complied and the Elementals killed everyone. When the last drop of blood was spilled, the land consumed Mandarin and his temple.


Death was unvoiced and unnamed.

Death and the other deities appeared in a deleted scene that was supposed to be the opening and origin of Mandarin. Since nothing in the video contradicts the events, they can be considered canon.

So far, this is the closest the character has come to appearing outside the comics.

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