Department Store
Department Store SSM
Real Name Department Store
Department Store is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Department stores are retail stores that sell a variety of items. People often go there to get the various stuff they need without having to visit multiple stores. Stores will have sections for jewelry and perfume.

Mall Santa SSM

Don't look too excited

During the Christmas season people will do their shopping at department stores. Because of this, stores will have a man dressed like Santa Claus so that children can say what they want while the parents shop. Salespeople will push their items even harder during this time in hope of a sale, sometimes annoying the customers. One such saleswoman annoyed people by spraying them with perfume.

On one Christmas Eve Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio barged into a store with their battle. Spider-Man attacked Kraven with a bottle of perfume so the hunter could not smell him.

Spidey Talks To Santa SSM

Time for some remodeling

Mysterio appeared and sent his Homunculi after the hero, but they were quickly destroyed. Mysterio then sent a robot to the second floor where a Santa and his elf were standing. Spider-Man went to attack the robot when Kraven stopped him. However, Spider-Man realized that it was a robot and about to explode. He quickly got the Santa and Elf away and the explosion knocked out Kraven.

Spider-Man then attacked Mysterio by spraying the entire area with webbing. After being defeated Mysterio revealed that they were working for the Master Planner. Spider-Man then webs him up and leaves him for the police.

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