Dolores DSD
Real Name Dolores Dracula
Powers and Abilities Untold magical abilities
Team Affiliations Fellowship of the Black Mass
Family and Friends Uncaring father
Count Dracula (Husband)
Janus (Son)
Frank Drake (Step-Great-Grandson)
Dolores is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
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Dolores is the last bride of the infamous vampire Count Dracula. She was unloved as a child and went on a journey to find companionship. She eventually found her way to Boston and the Fellowship of the Black Mass where she offered to become the bride of Satan. Instead she was taken by Dracula where she fell in love. The two had a son named Janus born on Christmas Eve. Her son was killed by the Cult Priest when the family was ensnared in a trap by the cult. In her mourning, she tried to commit suicide but God resurrected Janus but sent the aged child on a quest to kill Dracula. She was kidnapped by Satan and taken to Hell with her husband. Satan told her that she had vast powers which she used to defeat Satan. After becoming human, Dracula left her to Transylvania where he died. Janus returned home and became an infant again.


Since official cast listings have not been released, it is only known that Dolores was voiced by Keiko Mari in the Japanese version, Geneviève Taillade in the French version, and Celia Honrubia in the Spanish version.

In the ComicsEdit

Her name was Domini.

Domini was raised in a convent and escaped the join the cult.

She was to be sacrificed but Dracula appeared and stopped, it was then they offered to make her his bride.

Domini and Dracula had to use a spell to impregnate her. She also used magic to resurrect Janus by merging him with a spirit called the Golden Angel.

Her powers are minor extra-sensory perception, including clairvoyance and precognition.

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