Dormammu (SHSS)
Real Name Dormammu
Dormammu is from the Non MAU series The Super Hero Squad Show.

Dormammu is a powerful supervillain.


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Dormammu lives in a Dark Dimension. He was accidentally released into Super Hero City by Doctor Strange. He unleashed his Mindless Ones minions onto the city to steal the Infinity Fractals from the Vault and Villainville. He also took Captain America and Doctor Doom hostage. When he got a fratal from the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange used a spell to banish Dormammu back to where he came from.

When the Super Hero Squad was fighting Galactus, Doctor Strange pulled Dormammu's head from the Dark Dimension to damage Galactus' machines.

Later, then the Silver Surfer became the Dark Surfer, he contacted Dormammu to tell him that he planned to destroy the universe.


Dormammu was voiced by Robert Englund.

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