Real Name Eggbreaker
Eggbreaker is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
Physical Therapy
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Eggbreaker is a large robot that is the leader of the robotic Wildebots on the planet Sakaar. It was called so because it ate the eggs of the insect-like Sakaar Natives. Part of the prophecy of the Sakaarson was that he would stare into the eyes of death without backing down, and the insect natives saw the Eggbreaker as death. It and the other Wildebots were captured by the Red King and forced to fight gladiators in the coliseum. It was called to attack the Warbound and ate the Hulk. However, Hulk burst from its insides destroying it. Miek then took the eye of the Eggbreaker and made it into a necklace for Hulk, believing he was the Sakaarson. Hulk kept the necklace and when the Spikes returned to An-Sara Hulk looked at the necklace as a reminder of their friendship.