Electro USM
Real Name Maxwell Dillon
Alternate Identity Electro
Powers and Abilities Being of Pure Electricity
Team Affiliations Sinister Six

Maxwell Dillon, also known as Electro, is a supervillain and member of the Sinister Six.


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The history of Electro is unknown.

He fought Spider-Man but was tasered against the television of J. Jonah Jameson and disappeared reforming his body into a being of pure energy. He held the city's electricity for ransom and took over the wallcrawler's Spider-Cycle. When Spider-Man and his allies confronted him Electro turned all the electrical devices in the area against them.

He went to the Federal Reserve but was followed by Spider-Man and Nova. He created clones of himself but Spider-Man's team stopped them. He lost control of his powers and returned to his normal form so that Spider-Man could defeat him.

He was later recruited by Doctor Octopus to join the Sinister Six. He fought Spider-Man's team at the Statue of Liberty but was defeated by Nova. He was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and held in a prison cell on Ryker's Island that was surrounded by water.

Later, he was freed and given armor using stolen OsCorp Industries technology. He joined the reassembled Sinister Six. He fought Iron Patriot but was defeated by Spider-Man.


Electro was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes. Barnes is most well known for voicing Spider-Man on Spider-Man, the longest running Spider-Man series.

Electro's first appearance is based on the original 616 costume while his "living electricity" form is based on the Ultimate version.

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