Elijah DSD
Real Name Elijah
Powers and Abilities Can sense evil (particularly vampires)
Team Affiliations Vampire Hunters
Elijah is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.
Physical Therapy
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Elijah is a dog who drank Holy Water and thus can sense the forces of evil making him a good finder of vampires. He was adopted by Hans Harker and Rachel Van Helsing to become a Vampire Hunter, and later joined by Frank Drake. He led the others around Boston looking for the infamous vampire Count Dracula but for a year could not find him. Eventually he did and followed Dracula along with Dolores and Janus to a church where they were defeated by the vampire. Later, Elijah, Frank, and Rachel saw Dracula but the dog did not react. They followed the apparently human Dracula to New York City. However, they left the dog behind while they went to Transylvania where Hans died killing Dracula.


Elijah has no particular comic book counterpart.

It is possible, though unstated and not hinted at, that Satan did not allow Elijah to find Dracula while he enacted his plan.