Emma Frost
Emma Frost
Real Name Emma Frost
Alternate Identity White Queen
Powers and Abilities Telepathy
Team Affiliations Inner Circle Club
Allies X-Men

Emma Frost is a mutant and White Queen of the Inner Circle Club.


Little is known about the history of Emma Frost.

At some point she joined the Inner Circle Club and became their White Queen. While with them, she sensed Jean Grey's possession by the Phoenix Force.

She later sneaked into the Xavier Mansion to read their files on Jean and Phoenix. When Jean returned, Emma helped the other members manipulate Jean into joining them. However, Phoenix overpowered them all and escaped.

She was later captured by Apocalypse along with several other telepaths. She was rescued by the X-Men.


Emma Frost was voiced by Tracey Moore.

First version to be associated with the Hellfire Club, renamed Inner Circle. The only previous version, Emma Frost of "Pryde of the X-Men", was part of the Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists.

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