The Enlightenment was a period in Zenn-La history where they discovered peace and harmony.

Before the Enlightenment, the people of Zenn-La traveled to space and distant planets. However, upon reaching the Enlightenment they abandoned such quests. They focused on looking inward into their own souls.

After this time people from around the galaxy began to travel to Zenn-La in hopes of finding similar enlightenment. For centuries they taught the civilizations of the galaxy harmony, balance, and peace while asking nothing for themselves.

In the course of helping people they affected the destinies of thousands of worlds and civilizations. Uatu the Watcher took note of the planet because of this.

During this time the people built the Museum of Science and Technology. There they kept space ships from their earlier period. At least one of which was still operational and ready to fly.

The ideals of Enlightenment were oversaw by the Master of Zenn-La and that person had disciples. Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal were such disciples. Norrin was considered to be next in line for Master.

However, this period was unable to completely erase the dreams of going to the stars. Some, like Norrin, still wished to be able to travel in space.


The Zenn-La Enlightenment sounds similar to Earth's Age of Enlightenment.