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Samson Rick Hulk
Series The Incredible Hulk
Release Date February 16, 1997
Episode Number 13
Writer Greg Johnson

Plans for the marriage between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are started as Bruce is dying as a result of being separated from Hulk. Unfortunately, the only way to save his life is to reunite him with Hulk. (Season Finale)


Physical Therapy
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"Betty hurt?"


"Betty say "No hurt Hulk". Why lie to Hulk?"



-Rick Jones in his Hulk form


  • Voice cast lists 'Trubble' as Barking Dog.


  • General Ross' military jacked briefly appears when he talks to Betty while being handcuffed to the pole.
  • Betty's sad monologue only delays an experiment that can save both Bruce and Hulk's lives. While it's understandable that she is distraught over her boyfriend's fate, she shouldn't do anything to hinder the experiment that is the only way to save him. She should have saved this monologue until after this experiment.
  • When Bruce falls out of Nutrient Bath, he has shoes on, but when he follows Rick-Hulk, he is suddenly barefoot.
  • When Rick-Hulk says "Banner!", his mouth doesn't move.




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