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Episode:Farewell, Spider-Man

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This article is written from the Real World perspective Stan Lee
Series Spider-Man
Release Date January 31, 1998
Episode Number 65
Writer John Semper, Jr.
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Spider-Man must face Spider-Carnage alone in a world where Spider-Man is beloved by all. When he's outmatched Spider-Man must seek help from the unlikeliest of people. (Spider Wars Saga, Part Two; Series Finale)


Physical Therapy
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"You can't do something this horrible it just isn't in you because it isn't in me."


"I'm more you than you would ever admit."




  • Only appearance of Gwen Stacy.


At sixty-five episodes Spider-Man is the longest running Spider-Man series and the second longest Marvel series after X-Men, so far.

Stan Lee previously provided his voice on Fantastic Four.

Stan Lee calls Madame Web an exotic woman, while she says he is very special. That is because they are played by married couple Stan and Joan Lee.

The series was cancelled after this episode but not because of low ratings. According to John Semper, Jr. Margaret Loesch hated Avi Arad and wanted to bankrupt him so she did not commision any more episodes.


Over the years, many fans became upset with what they felt was a cliffhanger ending. At Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo to talk about the show's twentieth anniversary Semper said of the finale:

"I knew that we were finished with sixty-five episodes, but I thought maybe we'd have a little bit longer. I thought I made it very clear at at the very end that he was going to get to Mary Jane, but apparently I traumatized all of you. So I apologize for that. I was leaving that door open in case by some miracle they said we were going to do a few more." [1]

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