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Johnny Storm and the Potion of Fire
Series Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
Release Date October 13, 2007
Episode Number 23


Physical Therapy
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During a confrontation with Diablo, Johnny is accidentally exposed to one of Diablo's potions he planned to use to gain control of all the elements. As the days go by Johnny seems to change. While small at first, Johnny starts to grow in power. After Johnny seriously starts to lose control, Ben, Reed, and Sue try to capture him to figure out what’s wrong. Sue almost succeeds, trapping him inside a force field where his fire will burn up all the air and knock him out. Johnny breaks free unleashing a massive amount of energy to break the force field. Sue continuous fights Johnny out into the city. Johnny knocks her out and is about to finish her, until he realizes that he actually hurt her. Johnny finally starts to come to his senses when he sees how he hurt her. Realizing that he is losing control of himself, he releases the energy, which forms into a giant. Just then Diablo appears and sucks the Demon back into the magic goblet from which it came. Johnny starts to believe Diablo is a good guy, but just as fast Diablo goes back to his previous plan of taking control of the elements. He succeeds and gains control of the elements, Reed and Ben arrive with Reed's new invention a power disruptor designed to disrupt "whatever type of technology Diablo is using"(Reed continues to deny the existence of magic). Reed hits Diablo with the ray and he is stopped, and Reed openly yells "Take that Magic!". Funny as he denied the existence of magic throughout the episode. Diablo is defeated and everything goes back to normal.







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