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Series Avengers Assemble
Release Date April 13, 2014
Episode Number 23
Writer Steven T. Seagle
Joe Kelly
Joe Casey
Duncan Rouleau
Jacob Semahn
Director Jeff Allen


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Rob Bricken of io9 claimed this a crime against Marvel fans and was one of the worst episodes ever. He noted that The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was cancelled and replaced with Avengers Assemble that he claimed sucked. He felt the quality of the series went from not very good to just bad. He thought both stories were stupid. He wondered why Ant-Man needed to bring the particles to Avengers Tower if he already had them contained. He questioned why, with all his technology, Iron Man would be bothered by a cellphone. He also lamented the idea of Hulk having a cell. He claimed Falcon's story was something from a sitcom episode in the 1980s, not an Avenges story, that made him seem like a terrible superhero. He noted the absurdity of Falcon setting off an alarm for this as well as everyone joining him in the lie. He felt it made Falcon seem like a child that he was afraid that he, nearly legally independent, would be punished by her for being a hero. It made him question why anyone would think Falcon should be an Avenger. He berated the idea that the team would have posters of themselves all over the wall, and that taking them down would hide the fact that Sam is Falcon when there would undoubtedly be footage and images of him elsewhere. He questioned the need for "nano-janitors." He complained about how only Falcon was able to think of a solution when the smarter Iron Man and more educated on the subject Ant-Man failed to. He did not feel there was any actual need for Sam to wear his costume to resolve the conflict. "Yeah, this was way better than the cartoon that gave us updated, streamlined and massively entertaining adaptation of Marvel stories like Avengers Under Siege, Walt Simonson's Thor comics, The Korvac Saga, Secret Invasion, and so many other tales. Yes, so much better to ignore the entirety of the original Marvel universe so we can learn it's important not to lie. I mean, what do kids of all ages really want to see: an ever-growing pantheon of heroes and villains, or the Falcon's mom? Avengers Assemble knows. Unless it's lying." [1]

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