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Spider-Woman and the Amazons
Series Spider-Woman
Release Date October 5, 1979
Episode Number 3


Physical Therapy
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"Those women are picking up gold bars like they were sacks of groceries!"

-Fort Knox Security Guard

"Jessica, you've been spending too much time cooped up in this office. All work and no play..."
"You mean there's more to life than running the hottest crime reporting magazine in the country?"
"A lot more..."
[Elevator chime] "Saved... by the bell."

-Jeff Hunt, Jessica Drew, and Billy Drew

"Wow! This is better than a geography book any day!"

-Billy Drew

"Held prisoner by four beautiful women. I must be dreaming!"
"It's not a dream, Jeff. It's a nightmare!"

-Jeff Hunt and Billy Drew

"But now we must take you to Shanna."
"That's right. Take me to your leader. I'll straighten things out with him."

-Amazon Warrior and Jeff Hunt

"Why doesn't Shanna lead this raid herself?"
"She has not left the hidden valley since the fall of the Inca."
"But that would make her... over four hundred years old!"
"That is true."
"I hope Jeff gets along with older women..."

-Spider-Woman and Amazon Warrior






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