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Warlock and Surfer
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date May 29, 1998
Episode Number 11
Writer Larry Brody
Mark Hoffmeier
Dorothy Catherine Fontana

The Kree agree to help Silver Surfer find Zenn-La if he helps them. In doing so he finds himself fighting in an ancient war alongside Adam Warlock.


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"Code: Alpha. Kree-Lar system defenses have been breached. The invasion force above the planet currently repelled by our deflectors."
"Above the planet? Where was the warning?"
"This is the warning. The entire invasion has consumed merely twenty-seven seconds so far. "
"What kind of invaders can move with such speed?"
"Not invaders. Invader: the Silver Surfer."

-Kree Computer and Zarek

"Which side are you on, Kree or freedom?"
"I am the Silver Surfer and I am not here to fight. This is not my battle."
"Look around you, doesn't it make your blood pound? They are all our battles!"

-Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer

"Ah, Adam Warlock. Long have we wondered if the rumors of your existence were true. Had we allowed them to become public, you would be an interstellar legend now. "
"I would settle for being your nightmare."

-Supreme Intelligence and Adam Warlock

"It's ironic, isn't it? You learned nothing that you wanted from the Kree, while I have learned too much."

-Adam Warlock




  • First appearance of Adam Warlock outside the comics.
  • Only appearance of Adam Warlock.


This was actually the last episode aired. This caused some confusion with viewers as "The End of Eternity" ended on an unresolved cliffhanger and aired before this episode but took place afterwards.


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