Alternate Identity Executioner
Powers and Abilities Great Strenght
Team Affiliations Masters of Evil

Executioner is an Asgardian and former member of the Masters of Evil.


Physical Therapy
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In a flashback retold by Wasp to Vision about Wonder Man's origins, Simon Williams was bailed out of prison by the Enchantress and Executioner, who took him to Baron Zemo, leader of the Masters of Evil, to turn Simon into Wonder Man. Wonder Man defeated the Enchantress and Executioner in a mock battle and was allowed into the Avengers, who he was supposed to betray. Wonder Man had a change of heart and helped the Avengers, but the Masters of Evil, including Executioner, escaped.

Executioner's current whereabouts are unknown.


Executioner's flashback appearance is very similar to Wonder Man's first appearance, save that Simon survives as his "death" that happens later in the animated universe.

In the ComicsEdit

His real name is Skurge.

He is most commonly an enemy to Thor.

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