Eye of Kings
Real Name Eye of Kings
Powers and Abilities Technological Headquarters
Team Affiliations Wakanda
Allies Black Panther
Eye of Kings is from the Non MAU video Ultimate Avengers II.

The Eye of Kings is a secret room in the Wakandan palace that is seemingly the headquarters of the King of Wakanda and current Black Panther.

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The entrance to the Eye of Kings is located in a large panther statue. It is opened by placing a hand on a scanner, to prevent unauthorized entrance. There are a variety of computer consoles in the room. It also holds the Black Panther uniform worn by the king. Presumably there are others in case one uniform is damaged or should the Prince of Wakanda need to take his father's place.

The king, his advisor, and probably even the Chief Elder have access to the room.


The building of the Eye of Kings and its early history are unknown. It's first known usage was by T'Chaka, though it may have been begun under Azzari the Wise after his defeat of the Chitauri during World War II.

Knowing that the Chitauri would return, T'Chaka kept articles of Captain America, who had defeated the aliens during the war.

It was in this room that T'Challa contacted Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. to ask for help.