Facade XME
Alternate Identity Facade
Powers and Abilities Merge with matter to blend into his surroundings
Team Affiliations Morlocks
Allies X-Men
Facade is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Facade is a mutant and a part of the Morlocks.


Physical Therapy
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He is a core member of the Morlocks and has used his "blending" power to their advantage many times. He was the "advance guard" for the Morlocks during their raid on the Power8 plant, though this was not the first or last time he would be such. Callisto sent him to spy on Logan when she sensed him searching for Spyke. Logan's acute sense of smell betrayed the Morlock's presence.

He was one of the Morlocks present when Spyke woke up in the Morlock tunnels for the first time, and so was one of the first to welcome Evan into the Morlocks' fold.

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Facade is an original character to the series.

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