Falcon (AEMH))
Real Name Sam Wilson
Alternate Identity Falcon
Powers and Abilities Flight Suit

Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon is a costumed superhero who uses flight technology to fly.


Nightmare in RedEdit

Falcon was brainwashed and sent by Dell Rusk to capture Bruce Banner while Red Hulk distracted the other Avengers in the Helicarrier. But it soon made conflict with Hawkeye who was at the Avengers Mansion. Despite his efforts, Falcon was defeated and driven away.

He was with his Code Red teammates being congratulated by their boss for the success.

Code RedEdit

Falcon and the rest of team were sent to take down the Avengers under orders from Dell Rusk after the latter framed them for the crime they didn't commit. Only three were in the Avengers Mansion fighting the affected Avengers and Iron Man while Red Hulk dealt with Thor at the Statue of Liberty, causing a battle on two fronts.

Despite their efforts, Code Red team failed their mission and was disbanded after its members were freed from Rusk's brainwashing.


During the Galactus invasion, Falcon is activated with the Code White and fights against Air-Walker.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Falcon has a flight suit which resembles a falcon.


Falcon was voiced by Lance Reddick.

In the ComicsEdit

He has a pet falcon that is named Red Wing.

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