Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (1978)
Members Mister Fantastic
Invisible Human
Fantastic Four is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four is a team of superheroes.



The team fights crime.


The rights to original member Human Torch were licensed for an unmade live-action project to the same studio that produced The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno along with rights to Doctor Strange and Captain America. H.E.R.B.I.E. was created as his replacement and eventually adapted into the comics. Rumors then began to circulate that the reason Human Torch wasn't included was out of fear that children would light themselves on fire to imitate him. This rumor became the basis of a story in Fantastic Four #285 in 1985. In the issue, a character named Tommy Hanson is Human Torch's biggest fan and to be like him he lights himself on fire eventually dying.

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