Real Name Gary Gilbert
Alternate Identity Firebrand
Powers and Abilities Firebrand Armor
Family and Friends Simon Gilbert (Father)

Gary Gilbert, also known as Firebrand, is a supervillain and the son of ex-Stark Enterprises worker Simon Gilbert.


Physical Therapy
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When his father died, Gary decided to take his revenge against Stark Enterprises and it's leader Tony Stark. He built himself a set of armor and began attacking power sources while demanding millions of dollars in ransom. The superhero Iron Man fought him in his Inferno Armor. Firebrand had destroyed a dam causing Iron Man to fall into the water. War Machine rescued Iron Man and the two heroes captured him. As the police were taking him away, Gary called out for justice against Stark.


Firebrand was voiced by Neal McDonough.

First appearance of the character outside the comics. While Firebrand has appeared in subsequent series, this is the only Gary Gilbert version.

In the ComicsEdit

He was an enforcer for Justin Hammer.

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